What to Look for in a New Office Space in Dallas

  • January 9, 2023
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Today, we live in a world where many businesses allow their employees to work from home. Some have even opted for hybrid options, with employees choosing which days they come into the office. This has opened the door for greater opportunities in the corporate environment, given that employees can work from anywhere in the world. With that in mind, it is not a necessity to have a physical office space. Still, many companies benefit from having a central location where departments can easily communicate and collaborate outside of Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

It might be the case that you currently have an office that just isn’t fitting your needs. The space worked years ago, but has since stopped reflecting your company culture and no longer encourages employee engagement. So, you need a plan. Create a detailed report that covers all of the tools and amenities you need to improve the quality of your office. Dig into the top seven priorities for finding your office space in Dallas, and then share this information with your real estate broker.

1) Company Size

There are two major motivators when it comes to determining adequate square footage. First is that you are downsizing. This could be the case if your business has started to largely shift to a remote environment. Alternatively, it may be the case that you are just starting your business and need room to grow. Your new team members do not want to feel crammed into a tiny space where they are walking over the top of one another, so you should have a more flexible workplace layout. Ask yourself how many people will be utilizing your new office space in Dallas so that your broker has a better chance of fulfilling your unique needs.

2) Your Business Activities

What your company does will determine what technology and infrastructure you need. Across the board, it is to be expected that you require internet connectivity for your computers. When choosing an office space in Dallas, locations that already factor internet into the rent should be highly considered. If you end up deciding to go with a multi-tenant building, know that the network wiring will often go to a central location. You should check out this area to establish whether all of your equipment will be secure. On a separate note, if your business hosts a lot of on-site meetings, you are going to require designated conference rooms. Keep your employee count in mind to determine what size rooms are to be expected.

3) Location and Accessibility

Dallas is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. In just one decade, the DFW area has expanded by approximately 132,000 residents. This means that, every year, more and more business owners are taking up residence. Your broker will need to act quickly to locate the perfect space for your company. A major factor they will consider is location. Just because you found a seemingly great location does not mean it will actually be great for every member of your team. Once again, your employees should not have to worry about whether or not they can get to work that day. While you cannot accommodate everyone’s unique situation, you need to think about whether it will be a long commute for the majority.

4) Building Design

Did you know that the layout of an office space in Dallas actually affects employee productivity and satisfaction? A well-planned workspace makes it easier for employees to effectively complete tasks. Therefore, if you want to maintain the loyalty of your team, you need to be thoughtful about their comfort. Your real estate broker should have a solid idea of what number of rooms you need, as well as any requirements for acoustics, lighting, and indoor air quality. It may be even on your checklist that you want the building to be close to nature.

5) Supportive Ecosystem

Office spaces in Dallas that are well-designed are home to employees who are happier and healthier. Continue to promote that sense of happiness and healthiness outside of the office itself. You want your business to genuinely be part of the Dallas community. That will help you attract a client base. Surround yourself with institutions and organizations that you are willing to support, and vice versa. Business relationships matter toward your long-term success since they allow you to showcase your personality and further build community connections.

6) Your Budget

A tenant representative is a commercial real estate broker who advocates for you during a transaction. Go into a conversation with your tenant representative knowing how much you are willing to spend. This means doing your research on office spaces in Dallas beforehand. You do not want to go into your conversation with unrealistic expectations of office upgrades. When discussing funds, make sure to factor in utilities and moving your equipment to the new building, as well. Give yourself a little bit of wiggle room in case an excellent office is located just outside of your budget.

7) Contingency Plan

Your business needs to have an exit strategy from your lease. With a contingency plan, you have step-by-step guidance on how to minimize damage from an unforeseen event. It lets you know exactly what actions need to be taken and what resources are required for the plan’s implementation. Although there are many careful considerations that go into leasing an office space in Dallas, having a contingency plan, just in case, is a good idea. This way, you are able to leave for another location should your building face a natural disaster or your community endure a shift in business demographics.


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