Best Advice from a Texas Commercial Real Estate Broker

  • May 23, 2023
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Texas is a land of vast opportunities. That is why people from all over the country—and, for that matter, the world—are moving here. According to the United States Census Bureau, the Lone Star State is now one of two states with a population that exceeds 30 million, second to California. In fact, several Texas counties are leading the nation in growth.

With the dramatic rise in residents and businesses, more and more developments are being built to accommodate them. This means that you likely have plenty of chances to start investing in commercial properties. But what do you need to know prior to taking this leap? Let’s walk you through what Texas commercial real estate brokers feel is necessary for your investment’s success.

Do your research to better understand the market.

When you conduct market research, you are able to identify potential investment opportunities. If you are getting into real estate investing for the first time, this is a critical step. It is your chance to analyze trends and rental rates so that you know where the most favorable conditions are for your needs. By straying away from areas with oversaturated markets, you set yourself up for having higher growth potential. Executing research is also beneficial for your long-term understanding of the real estate industry. You need to keep up to date on local development plans and other factors that will affect your investment over time.

Get to know your local laws and regulations.

Texas commercial real estate brokers always emphasize compliance. You need to familiarize yourself with laws and regulations regarding commercial real estate so that you avoid potential legal disputes down the line. Taking some time to understand zoning, permits, and building codes, just to name a few things, will be incredibly advantageous to you as an investor. Your local laws are what dictate how you can use your commercial property. When you have an advanced understanding of the kind of restrictions that you are up against, you meet business requirements. This keeps you from making costly mistakes or winding up with delays.

Always have a budget and timeline in place.

If you want to receive a maximum return on investment, you must have a clear budget in place. This budget helps you comprehend the current state of your financial resources and constraints. As a real estate investor, you don’t want to overextend yourself because you have to be able to manage your projects efficiently. Texas commercial real estate brokers suggest having a timeline that allows you to stay on track. Continuing to set realistic deadlines for leasing activities—and actually meeting those deadlines—helps you stay on the road to success. Your budget and timeline work together to prioritize your actions when it comes to your commercial properties.

Diversify your investment portfolio.

By including commercial real estate in your portfolio alongside other asset classes, you gain ownership of physical properties with intrinsic value. Any Texas commercial real estate broker will tell you that this type of asset is directly influenced by you, the investor. And if you decide to invest in different types of real estate across various markets, you can achieve greater appreciation. Of course, no type of investment is without risk. It is recommended that you never make an investment without having multiple exit strategies. In the case of real estate, the market is subject to many fluctuations and uncertainties. If your only exit strategy is selling the property, you are still at risk of market downturns.

Treat your investments like a business.

Your tenants need you to be professional and foster a high level of accountability. To do this, you are expected to make well-informed decisions based on business best practices. It all starts with goal setting. By developing a long-term strategy to achieve your goals, you have a defined roadmap for what you hope to get out of your investment. But that isn’t to say your goals are stuck right where they are. Texas commercial real estate brokers want you to feel comfortable with adapting your strategies based on acquired knowledge. As you continue to educate yourself, find ways to stay competitive in the market. Capitalize on new opportunities as they arise.

Do thorough background checks on tenants.

A good tenant is someone who has a history of financial responsibility. Whenever you are deciding on whether or not to approve a business to reside in your property, you must evaluate their ability to pay rent. This can be noted through their credit history. You don’t want to have to continuously deal with someone who doesn’t pay on time when there could be others waiting for the spot to open up. Another must-have for your tenants is business verification. It is necessary to verify the legitimacy of their business by checking their licenses and reviewing their reputation. This minimizes the risk on your end as the property owner because you won’t be working with people who are untrustworthy.

Maintain a line of communication with tenants.

You cannot simply approve a tenant and go off the grid. It is important that you go out of your way to foster a positive relationship with them. Make sure that, throughout the duration of their lease, you are addressing their concerns. Texas commercial real estate brokers recommend taking appropriate action as promptly as possible so that you protect your interests as the property owner. When a tenant is satisfied, they are more likely to renew their lease. This means your investment is more stable and profitable, since you won’t have to keep doing your due diligence, looking into prospective tenants.

Leverage Texas commercial real estate brokers.

You can always benefit from obtaining more industry knowledge. So, while it is already a great idea to keep regularly conducting research, you should also make use of other commercial real estate professionals. By networking with property owners just like you, you may even come across opportunities to refer tenants or buyers. But from the very beginning to the end of your investment journey, you should join forces with Texas commercial real estate brokers. It doesn’t matter whether you live in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, or Dallas. And it doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned real estate investor or a novice. They have you covered every step of the way with their comprehensive databases and trusted collaborators.


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