The Best Approaches When Obtaining Warehouse Space for Lease in San Antonio

  • April 11, 2023
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Picking out a warehouse for your company is a big deal. The one that you go with could drastically impact how you operate. And because you to secure the best warehouse space for your needs, it can be a time-consuming process. It can definitely be a challenge to sift through all of the warehouses available on your local market, but you cannot risk acquiring a space that doesn’t meet your requirements for location, layout, and size. Let’s walk through how to tackle finding the right warehouse space for lease in San Antonio.

Determine how much space you need.

Before looking for a warehouse space for lease in San Antonio, you need to take stock of the products that you will be storing. How big is each product? What is the volume of them? Do you plan on creating more offerings anytime soon? This knowledge helps you estimate how much space is needed to accommodate your business. It also helps you determine what your storage requirements should entail, such as using shelves, pallets, or racks.

Another thing to be mindful of is your actual operations. You are going to need enough space to perform activities like assembly, packaging, and shipping. If you are new to the warehouse scene and are not sure of how extensive your operational needs will be, seek advice from professionals. They will guide you toward making a more informed decision about the warehouse space that is required for your operational needs.

Conduct market research.

Once you have a good sense of what you hope to get out of warehouse space for lease in San Antonio, dedicate some time to understanding the geography and demographics of the area you are considering. You want to find a location that checks off all of your boxes. That may include easy access to transportation hubs and suppliers of materials. During your market research, you can also determine what the local trends and demand look like for similar products in that area. It may surprise you to find that another location will be much better suited to reach the most valuable customers.

Work with a commercial real estate broker.

It may be the case that you are lacking in knowledge about the market and simply don’t have time to do a deep dive. But there is no need to worry—commercial real estate brokers can take the load off of your shoulders. They have a strong grasp on the local market, giving them the ability to provide you with meaningful insights into the available warehouse spaces for lease in San Antonio.

In fact, brokers have access to off-market properties. These are properties that are not publicly listed for rent or sale. Essentially, with a commercial real estate broker, your business earns an advantage because you have a better chance of finding a location that meets your specific needs. Plus, they can expertly handle the negotiation of your lease so that you aren’t overwhelmed by trying to interpret legalese and hoping you come out with a fair deal.

Pay attention to electrical capacity.

Think about the size of your operation and the type of equipment that you use. These are going to factor into choosing a warehouse space for lease in San Antonio because they determine your power requirements. Should you choose a warehouse that doesn’t have enough power capacity, you risk experiencing outages or brownouts. These will disrupt your operation and potentially damage your equipment. And given the fact that making upgrades to the electrical system could be quite costly, it is in your best interest to consider the expense from the beginning.

Prioritize safety in the warehouse.

When it comes to warehouse space for lease in San Antonio, efficiency is tied to safety. By taking a proactive approach to safety, your team is less likely to be injured and your productivity is less likely to take a hit. This is not an area that you will want to cut costs in. So, make sure to factor safety equipment into your total expected costs prior to committing to a warehouse.

Also, understand that, while you cannot control everything, you can at least be prepared. Make sure that you have a plan in place to handle unexpected problems. This could be a data breach, for instance. When you put in more preventative efforts, you will experience fewer emergencies. It is better to have plans in place and not need them than to face the alternative.

Factor in operating and maintenance costs.

In order to accurately estimate the total cost of occupying a space, you need to be mindful of all costs that you will incur. Included in this are security, repairs, and utilities. Unexpected costs could arise, as well, based on the aforementioned potential problems. But if you are already going into your lease with a nest egg set aside for those emergencies, your financial stability will not be dramatically impacted.

Carefully read over the lease.

Your lease is a legally binding agreement between you and your landlord. It outlines what responsibilities both parties have for the property. One important responsibility is who will be maintaining and building and providing the necessary repairs. Having a clear picture of what your role entails with warehouse space for lease in San Antonio will be what sets you up for success.

Once again, having a commercial real estate broker to help you through this process is a smart idea. Their job is to help you avoid any surprises regarding your tenancy. They will identify any unexpected clauses or fees, as well as inform you of your rights so that you avoid potential violations. This keeps you being able to operate within the terms of the agreement well into the future.

Know when it is time to expand.

After some time at your current warehouse, you might experience your order volume ramping up. In order to keep operations running smoothly, you decide that acquiring more space is necessary. This could mean creating more space by utilizing vertical space that is often overlooked. Otherwise, you might consider moving to a new warehouse entirely. During both cases of expansion, make sure that you are also investing in improved systems. Doing so will increase your team’s productivity and safety.


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