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  • June 6, 2023
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Austin, Texas is a prominent business hub. The Greater Austin area at large has experienced significant growth over the past few decades, becoming an attractive destination for entrepreneurs of all kinds. We have seen a boom in thriving technology companies, in particular, earning Austin the title of Silicon Valley’s rival. But no matter what industry your business falls under, it remains the case that you need three things out of your workforce—skill, innovation, and productivity.

Productivity is the cornerstone of your success. When your team is productive, they are utilizing resources effectively and efficiently. One way to ensure that they are doing this is by getting the perfect office space. At this centralized location, employees are able to communicate and collaborate without having to do everything from behind a screen. If you are looking to allow for more social connections within your company, you need an office. Here are the five things to be mindful of when searching for office space in Austin.

Do research about where the office is located.

Convenience is a key component of finding a good office space in Austin. By that, we mean that you need an office that is easily accessible to the members of your team. This should be true whether they are commuting by car, public transportation, or even bike. Office location can dramatically affect job satisfaction, ultimately helping your company retain talent.

The location of your office space even has the potential to shape the impression of your clients, partners, and prospects. If you are in a renowned business district, it is going to signal to them that you are credible. Alternatively, if you are in a sketchy area, it could reduce the confidence that your stakeholders have in your skills. Always think about what is around a potential office location to determine whether it is a good choice. Having a nearby coffee shop or gym might even uplift the experience of your Austin-based brand advocates.

Have a realistic rental budget in mind.

There is no way around it—you need to set a budget. Price is often the most important factor for businesses when they are choosing a new office. After all, agreeing to spend too much on rent could have you struggling in the future, resulting in you having to downsize. When you start working with a commercial real estate broker, they expect you to have a good understanding of your financial situation. This knowledge will allow them to locate office spaces in Austin that fit comfortably within the budget you have allotted for leasing.

You can help your business maintain greater stability when you stay within your budget. To make sure that you achieve this, your long-term financials should be taken into account. By projecting revenue, expenses, and cash flow, you are able to make better-informed decisions about your office space needs. For instance, you can assess whether or not you are on track to require a large amount of space in the near future.

Consider going the route of a coworking space.

Because they are often cheaper than renting private office space in Austin, coworking spaces are a great choice for small businesses and start-ups. Coworking spaces are fully-serviced office buildings with a variety of workstations. They are known to come with extra perks like communal spaces, kitchens, and potentially even a gym, making your office situation quite flexible. Other resources like meeting rooms and printers are also readily available. With this kind of all-inclusive workspace comes an energetic atmosphere that boosts motivation and, thus, productivity.

Coworking spaces allow for a sense of community in a way that traditional office space might not. In today’s remote-first world, it makes a big difference in your company culture when you have more opportunities for face-to-face interactions. This is true even if those interactions are happening between people from other businesses who are similarly utilizing the space. You are encouraging individuals to stay engaged. Still, you can have a dedicated workspace within the coworking environment where your Austin team can build connections internally.

Figure out what facilities and infrastructure you need.

Talk to your commercial real estate broker about what your business requirements consist of. This might mean asking yourself questions like:

  • How many employees will be working in the office every day?
  • Would our team prefer open desks or cubicles?
  • Are client meetings going to be held at the office?
  • How much storage space is going to be necessary?
  • Will we need any specific technology infrastructure?
  • Does our industry have compliance standards we must abide by?

One thing, in particular, that you should think about is the internet. It is likely that your business will be handling a lot of day-to-day activities online. Therefore, above all else, strong internet is a must. When you have a poor connection, you risk the workday coming to a grinding halt. So, be sure that your office space in Austin is equipped to support your team’s daily operations with its resilient networking infrastructure.

Don’t discount the importance of style.

You need an office space in Austin that is going to make your team feel comfortable and driven. To do this, you have to invest in a space that is well-designed and reflects your company’s values. The style of your office will have a considerable influence on the collaboration between your employees, given that having more visually stimulating elements can inspire innovative thinking. Become the brand you want clients to believe you are.

At the end of the day, what makes a good office space is one that is customizable. It is recommended that you allow your employees to reflect their identities by personalizing their spaces around the office. This can go a long way in terms of fostering a positive work culture. It shows that you, as a business owner, care about individuality, creativity, and being able to take pride in your workspace. You might be surprised to learn that something as small as a desk plant can make a real impact in terms of your staff’s well-being!


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