Top Factors to Consider When Looking at Industrial Space for Rent in San Antonio

  • May 16, 2023
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Industrial properties are designed with industrial purposes in mind. That is to say, buildings that are used for manufacturing, distribution, and research and development. They play a major role in supporting various industries and supply chains. You might even be looking for industrial real estate right now to carry out your business’s demands. Across the city of San Antonio, you can find spaces for sale or for rent. But where you end up is based on a number of personal factors. Take a look at these items that you need to check off your list before committing to industrial space for rent in San Antonio.

Your Budget

Renting industrial space is a long-term commitment. You will likely be at your chosen property for multiple years. With that in mind, it is critical that you take the time to financially plan so that you can craft a carefully considered budget. This includes setting a limit on how much you can afford to spend on rent. Doing this enables you to make better-informed business decisions. You have the opportunity to ensure that your expenses remain within manageable limits, meaning you avoid financial strain.

When you have a budget in mind, you can compare different property options and have a real estate broker help you negotiate favorable terms. The best industrial space for rent in San Antonio will be one that doesn’t eat into your profits and affect your bottom line. Your budget is going to be what keeps your business meeting its operational needs while maintaining healthy profit margins. It will also give you greater flexibility as time goes on.


One vital aspect of industrial space for rent in San Antonio is proximity to suppliers and customers. Your property’s location can significantly impact your supply chain, distribution efficiency, and order fulfillment. After all, your industrial operations require the movement of goods and materials. If your building does not have easy access to transportation infrastructure, you run the risk of running a less efficient business. Robust transportation infrastructure might include major highways, ports, airports, or railways, depending on your business’s needs.

Note that you also want to be in an area with the availability of skilled labor. Your business might be reliant on specialized types of workers. If you are not somewhere that can attract and support that workforce, you will not be able to achieve your goals. So, both you and your broker should assess the local labor market when searching for the ideal industrial space.

Size and Layout

When you search for industrial property, you need to be mindful of your inventory requirements. Talk to your broker about the volume and type of goods that you handle. They will ensure that you obtain a building that meets your storage needs. By having the right amount of designated storage areas and shelving, you have easier access to products and can execute more accurate tracking.

Do you believe that your business is going to expand in the near future? If so, it is in your best interest to choose an industrial space for rent in San Antonio that has growth potential. The size and layout of your building have a direct effect on your operational efficiency. You are able to optimize your usage of resources and, in turn, adopt a smoother workflow. An industrial space that is too small may result in the need for off-site storage which means you are incurring additional costs.


You need to have an adequate infrastructure with your industrial space for rent in San Antonio. Otherwise, you aren’t able to operate to the fullest extent. Before signing a leasing agreement for an industrial property, ensure that it has reliable electricity, appropriate ventilation, utility connections, and a water supply, among other necessities. When you have an insufficient infrastructure, your operations are inefficient. Don’t put yourself at risk of downtime.

Going back to the significance of accessibility for your team and customers, your industrial space for rent in San Antonio must also have a well-designed parking lot. While on-street parking is okay, it isn’t ideal. This is especially true on narrow streets. Providing ease of access to your building will be greatly appreciated by your employees and visitors alike. The parking lot should allow for the efficient flow of truck traffic as well. If your business will be shipping or receiving goods, efficient ingress and egress are important. Getting these factors right means that you, as the business owner, will achieve greater property satisfaction.


Depending on what industry your business is in, you might have specific security requirements that you must meet. But in any industry, it is incredibly important that you, your valuable assets, equipment, and inventory are protected. No one ever wants to be vulnerable to theft or vandalism. By having the appropriate security measures in place, you keep your industrial space in San Antonio safe. Some examples of security measures are surveillance cameras and access control systems. These additions will contribute to the safety and well-being of your employees.

Cybersecurity is another thing to be incredibly mindful of. According to Techjury, 64% of companies around the world have experienced at least one form of cyber attack. Because you may be storing sensitive information and intellectual property, your business could certainly be at risk. In order to maintain both a competitive advantage and the trust of your customers, you have to keep data protected against unauthorized access. Take care to implement data encryption and firewalls.

Zoning Laws

Local authorities put zoning regulations and permits in place for a reason. You might face environmental considerations and restrictions on hours of operation, for instance. At the end of the day, the authority figures are expecting you to align your industrial activities with their legal requirements. If you fail to comply, the operations of your industrial space for rent in San Antonio could be shut down. Therefore, real estate investors are obliged to not just know about the laws, but apply items to any property they are considering purchasing.

Read up on San Antonio’s zoning laws in the Unified Development Code or check out the City’s One Stop Zoning Map. Get the full breakdown of zoning information before leasing a space.

Lease Terms

It doesn’t matter how many times you have rented an industrial property before—a real estate broker can be your saving grace. They know what it takes to get a lease that aligns perfectly with your business goals, both in the present day and well into the future. By hiring a broker to advocate for you, you have access to expertise that helps you avoid lease agreements that may not be in your best interest.

After a broker has assisted you with finding an industrial space for rent in San Antonio, they will help you through the negotiation process and its complex legal language. Depending on the property owner, there may be counteroffers to respond to. The good thing is that real estate brokers are highly skilled in lease negotiation. With their knowledge of rental rates, escalation clauses, and additional fees, your broker will advocate on your behalf to get a solid deal.

Neighboring Tenants

When you are near businesses that share supply chain networks or similar customer bases, you have opportunities to share resources. That might include proximity to suppliers and distributors. This can be incredibly cost-effective for your operations. Plus, the presence of neighboring businesses provides you with a more supportive environment across the board.

As the new kid on the block, you can absolutely benefit from the well-established businesses near you. This is because being associated with reputable businesses can positively impact your reputation. You need that buyer’s confidence so that you can thrive in the long term.


Let the team of expert brokers at Commercial Industrial Properties help you find industrial space for rent in San Antonio. As real estate professionals, we are equipped with the market knowledge to help you succeed as a tenant. Our clients receive a path tailored specifically to them, whether they are renewing, expanding, contracting, or relocating their current business. Send us a message now to start discussing your needs for industrial space. We look forward to representing you!


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