• February 8, 2024
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This past June, Jeff Ecton and Robby Eaves, CCIM joined forces with Austin Spine & Rehabilitation to transform their workspace.  The expanding practice had outgrown their old space, and they needed something more suited to their needs without breaking the bank. 

Challenge accepted!  We walked them through the process of relocation vs. staying in the current location and all the factors it would entail.  In record time, we found a 2200 square foot space that ticked all the boxes. The new location in Stonegate Two off William Cannon was ideal, not too far from their earlier location in the Medical Village off SW Parkway. It was larger with a better layout and wallet friendly.  Plus, the new suite was almost ready to go, slashing their relocation expenses significantly.  At CIP, we understand that besides the cost human resources, real estate is usually your largest expense.

Looking to upgrade your workspace?  Our medical office team is just a call away, ready to help you find your ideal space.  Let the team at CIP help you make it happen!


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